Assistance with Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

When facing the challenge of a declined visa application in New Zealand, it can feel like you’ve hit a wall. However, with the right guidance and support, this obstacle can be navigated successfully. We at Sekhris specialise in assisting clients through the complex process of appealing to the Tribunal or seeking reconsideration of their visa application. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we can assist you in this critical time:

Detailed Assessment of Your Case

Our initial step is to conduct a thorough review of your case, including the reasons provided for the visa decline. Understanding the specifics of why an application was declined is crucial in formulating a robust appeal or reconsideration request. We ensure you’re informed and understand the intricacies of your situation.

Crafting a Strategic Approach

Based on our assessment, we develop a strategic approach tailored to your unique circumstances. This may involve preparing a comprehensive appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, focusing on areas where we believe there was an error in the decision-making process or where additional information could change the outcome.

Reconsideration Requests

For temporary visa declines, we guide you through the process of requesting a reconsideration. This includes ensuring that your request is submitted within the critical 14-day period for applicants in New Zealand. Our expertise allows us to present new and compelling information effectively, aiming to overturn the initial decision.

Representation and Advocacy

We represent you throughout the entire process, from initial consultations to hearings before the Tribunal. Our legal team is skilled in immigration law and has extensive experience advocating for clients’ rights. We are committed to presenting your case in the most persuasive manner possible, aiming for a positive resolution.

Humanitarian Appeals

If your situation escalates to potential deportation, we specialise in preparing and submitting appeals on humanitarian grounds. We understand the nuances of these appeals and work diligently to highlight the humanitarian aspects of your case, striving for a compassionate and fair consideration.

Ongoing Support and Communication

Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you informed of progress and developments. We understand the emotional and logistical stress involved in these situations and are here to provide support and clarity.

Maximising Your Chances of Success

Our goal is not just to assist you in appealing a declined visa but to maximise your chances of success. We employ our knowledge, experience, and strategic insights to enhance your appeal or reconsideration request, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome.

Facing a visa decline is undoubtedly challenging, but with our specialised assistance, the path forward can become clearer and more navigable. Our commitment is to stand by your side, offering expert guidance and robust representation every step of the way. If you’re dealing with a declined visa application and seeking to appeal or request a reconsideration, reach out to us to see how we can help turn your situation around.

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