Many test-takers find the speaking module one of the most nerve-racking sections in the IELTS exam. Sitting with an examiner and having a face-to-face conversation with him can undoubtedly make you nervous. However, with appropriate preparation and familiarity with the exam format, achieving 9 bands isn’t a far-fetched dream. All you need is fluency, spontaneity, grammatical accuracy, and coherence to score 9 bands in speaking. Here are some quick tips for the IELTS Speaking test: 

  1. Be relevant: When answering a question asked by the examiner, take a few seconds to align your thoughts, understand the question properly and then answer. Also, it’s important to know that during the speaking test, the examiner wants to test your language abilities and not your knowledge. 


  1. Be original and never give memorized answers: When answering a question, do not try to impress the examiner by giving prepared information. Say your ideas with confidence and showcase your language skills. You may speak from your own experiences relating to the topic. 


  1. Form grammatically correct sentences: In the IELTS Speaking test, it’s not recommended to use complicated words or long sentences. You must speak the way you are comfortable. The sentences should be grammatically correct and shouldn’t make you nervous or confused.


  1. Make notes, avoid repetition and speak fluently: During Part-2 (Cue Card) of your speaking test, you get one minute to prepare your answer. Utilize this time to make notes and while speaking, do not repeat words or points. Fluency is important to get good bands. 


  1. Enjoy the chat with the examiner: The IELTS speaking test is a conversation between you and the examiner. During the test, stay calm, maintain eye contact with the examiner and enjoy the whole process. 


  1. Mock practice with expert trainers: Practice sessions with an expert trainer will help you get your desired band score in one attempt. The trainer will guide, evaluate and observe your progress regularly.


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