Have you been taking the IELTS exam over and over again but are unable to score 7 bands in the writing task? Here are  3 common mistakes that you might be committing and learn how to fix them.

  • Not understanding the whole essay question: If you are partially addressing the question, you are bound to lose bands. It is important to take time to read the question carefully and decide how many parts are in the question. All IELTS essay questions will have an instructional sentence, telling students exactly what they are supposed to do in their written response. This must be understood clearly by the test-taker in order to achieve a good score. 
  • Using memorized language and phrases: Memorised language is easy to identify. Use your own words and avoid overused phrases. IELTS examiners are looking out for memorized statements and sentences. You could easily lose points on this in task response and lexical resources. It is important to use your own vocabulary in order to score well. You can work on building your vocabulary before sitting for the exam. 
  • Not enough paragraphs: Cohesion and Coherence is one of the band descriptors and your text is evaluated for its structure and flow. While attempting the IELTS writing task, it’s important to use separate paragraphs for each idea. When we use paragraphs with a clear and central topic, the essay becomes easier to follow and understand, helping you fetch good bands. 

Practicing your writing tasks as much as possible will help you score well, but unless you have an expert teacher to check your work, you are going to make the same mistakes over and over again. At Sekhris, train with the experts and give wings to your dreams. Know new strategies, understand the examiner’s expectations, and improve your writing score with the help of the best professionals! 

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