Section 61 Requests

Has your visa expired ? Have you become Unlawful in New Zealand ?

A person who is unlawfully in New Zealand has no lawful ability to make an application for a further visa.

Using our Licensed Immigration Advice Services, you may be able to apply for a new visa under by making a Section 61 request.

As a visa holder, you are not allowed to stay in New Zealand after your visa expires. You are under an obligation to leave New Zealand and are liable for deportation under the Immigration Act 2009.

What is Section 61 ?

Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 provides the Minister of Immigration (delegated to the Associate Minister of Immigration and to senior immigration officers) with the power, in his or her absolute discretion, to grant a visa of any type to a person, who is present unlawfully in New Zealand and otherwise liable for deportation (unless they are subject to a deportation order).

If an unlawful person requests a visa under section 61, there is no obligation on the part of Immigration New Zealand to consider the request or make any further inquiries. Hence, it is imperative to take the services of qualified, licensed and experienced professionals while making Sec61 requests, to maximize the chances of a positive outcome.