Special Directions: Overcoming Legal Obstacles in Immigration

Special Directions, as outlined under section 17 of the Immigration Act 2009, serve as a pivotal mechanism in New Zealand’s immigration system, allowing for legal obstacles or requirements to be navigated with discretion. This process can significantly impact individuals who are otherwise excluded from obtaining visas, entry permissions, or visa waivers due to various reasons. Here’s how we can assist individuals and families in navigating the complex landscape of Special Directions:

Understanding Special Directions

Our initial consultation will provide you with a clear understanding of what a Special Direction entails and how it might apply to your unique situation. We explain the types of legal obstacles that can be overcome through this process, including issues related to past criminal sentences, deportations, or security concerns.

Evaluating Eligibility and Strategy

We evaluate your case to determine if requesting a Special Direction is a viable strategy for overcoming the specific legal obstacle you face. This involves a thorough review of your immigration history, any criminal records, deportation orders, and other relevant factors that have led to your exclusion.

Preparing Your Request

Although there is no formal right to apply for a Special Direction, our expertise allows us to craft a persuasive request on your behalf. This includes compiling comprehensive documentation and evidence that supports your case, detailing your character, ties to New Zealand, contributions to the community, or any special circumstances that warrant consideration.

Liaising with Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

Our team has extensive experience in communicating effectively with INZ. We ensure that your request for a Special Direction is presented in a manner that highlights the discretionary nature of the process and the reasons why an exception should be made in your case.

Managing the Process

Given the discretionary and sometimes unpredictable nature of Special Direction decisions, we manage your expectations throughout the process, providing clear, realistic advice on potential outcomes. We also keep you informed of any developments or additional information required by INZ.

Addressing Character Waivers

If your case involves character issues that have come to light during the visa application process, we can assist in applying for a character waiver concurrently with the Special Direction request. This dual approach can sometimes be necessary to address all legal obstacles to your visa application.

Advocacy and Representation

Our role extends beyond just preparing and submitting your request; we advocate on your behalf, emphasising the positive aspects of your case and any mitigating factors that support granting the Special Direction. Our goal is to present you in the best possible light to the decision-makers.

Exploring Alternatives

If a Special Direction is not granted, we discuss alternative pathways and strategies for achieving your immigration goals, ensuring you understand all options available to you

Special Directions offer a potential pathway for those who face significant barriers in the immigration process due to past actions or circumstances. We are dedicated to guiding you through this complex process, leveraging our expertise to enhance your chances of a favorable outcome. If you believe a Special Direction may be necessary in your case, contact us to explore how we can assist you in this critical aspect of your immigration journey.

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