Medical Waivers for Visa Applications: Expert Assistance

Navigating the medical waiver process for New Zealand visa applications can be complex, especially when an applicant does not meet the standard health criteria required for visa approval. Whether you’re applying for a residence or temporary visa, understanding the nuances of medical waivers is crucial. We at Sekhris specialise in assisting clients through this nuanced area of immigration law. Here’s how we can help:

Initial Evaluation and Advice

We begin by evaluating your specific situation, including any health issues that may not meet the acceptable standard of health criteria for New Zealand visa applications. Our team will advise you on the potential for a medical waiver and the implications for your visa application process.

Understanding Medical Waiver Criteria

Our expertise allows us to navigate the criteria for medical waivers effectively. We understand the differences in criteria for temporary and residence visa applications and will guide you on how these apply to your case. This includes assessing your potential need for support from New Zealand’s health and education services, your potential benefit to New Zealand, and any family ties you may have in the country.

Strategic Application Preparation

Although there is no specific application form for a medical waiver, your visa application must be prepared in a way that highlights the reasons why a waiver should be granted. We assist in compiling and presenting all necessary documentation and information to support your case, emphasising your overall contribution and ties to New Zealand.

Advocacy and Representation

Our role includes advocating on your behalf throughout the visa application process. We communicate with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to ensure that your case is understood and that all relevant factors are considered during the assessment of your medical waiver.

Special Considerations for Temporary Visa Applications

For those applying for temporary visas under specific categories—such as seconded business persons, refugees or protection status claimants, or partners and dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents—we provide specialized guidance to navigate the medical waiver assessment process.

Addressing Complex Cases

We are equipped to handle cases where issuing a medical waiver may be challenging, such as applicants requiring dialysis or those with severe medical conditions. Our team advises on alternative options and strategies, including how to proceed if your application is put on hold due to health treatment requirements.

Continuous Support and Guidance

Throughout the process, we offer continuous support and guidance, keeping you informed of progress and developments. We understand the stress and uncertainty that health-related visa issues can bring and are committed to providing compassionate and effective assistance.

Maximising Your Chances

Our goal is to maximise your chances of obtaining a medical waiver by presenting a comprehensive and compelling case to INZ. We leverage our knowledge and experience to highlight your unique circumstances, the support you may have in New Zealand, and how granting a waiver is in line with New Zealand’s immigration objectives.

If you’re concerned about how your health may impact your New Zealand visa application and are considering a medical waiver, contact us for a consultation. We’re here to help you understand your options and to assist in navigating the medical waiver process with confidence, aiming for a successful outcome.

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