Special Directions

Special Directions Special Directions: Overcoming Legal Obstacles in Immigration Special Directions, as outlined under section 17 of the Immigration Act 2009, serve as a pivotal mechanism in New Zealand’s immigration system, allowing for legal obstacles or requirements to be navigated with discretion. This process can significantly impact individuals who are otherwise excluded from obtaining visas, […]

Section 61 Requests

Section 61 Requests Section 61 Requests: Navigating Visa Requests for Unlawful Individuals When you find yourself unlawfully in New Zealand due to an expired visa, the pathway to legality might seem narrow. However, Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 provides a glimmer of hope. We at Sekhris specialise in assisting individuals in this precarious […]

Response to PPI

Response to PPI Responding to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI): How We Can Assist When applying for a visa to enter or remain in New Zealand, encountering Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) can be a significant hurdle. PPI refers to information not directly obtained from the applicant or their agent, which could negatively impact the outcome of […]

Reconsideration Requests and Complaints

Reconsideration Requests and Complaints Temporary Visa Decision Review: How We Can Assist Facing a declined temporary visa application for New Zealand can be disheartening, but it’s important to remember that you might have options to seek a review of the decision. Here’s how we can support you through this process, ensuring you understand and navigate […]

Medical Waivers

Medical Waivers Medical Waivers for Visa Applications: Expert Assistance Navigating the medical waiver process for New Zealand visa applications can be complex, especially when an applicant does not meet the standard health criteria required for visa approval. Whether you’re applying for a residence or temporary visa, understanding the nuances of medical waivers is crucial. We […]

Deportation Cases

Deportation Cases Navigating Your Appeal with Expert Guidance Deportation from New Zealand is a serious matter that can have long-lasting implications on your ability to return to the country. Whether you’ve overstayed your visa, breached visa conditions, been convicted of a criminal offence, or provided false information in applications, understanding your rights and options for […]

Character Waiver

Character Waiver Character Waivers for Residence and Temporary Visas: How We Can Assist Navigating the character requirements for New Zealand visas can be complex, especially for those who may have encountered legal difficulties or made mistakes in the past. Our immigration advisory service specialises in assisting clients who need to address character concerns in their […]

Work Visas

Work Visas Licensed Immigration Advice and Services for Employers and Professionals At Sekhris, we specialise in bridging the gap between talented individuals seeking employment opportunities in New Zealand and employers looking to fill their workforce with skilled professionals. Whether you’re a student aiming to leverage post-study work opportunities, a worker seeking to make New Zealand […]

Appeals to Tribunal

Appeals to Tribunal Assistance with Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal When facing the challenge of a declined visa application in New Zealand, it can feel like you’ve hit a wall. However, with the right guidance and support, this obstacle can be navigated successfully. We at Sekhris specialise in assisting clients through the complex […]